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made of Roses. made of Night..

a bleedingly heartful combination of Romantic and Cosmic shit <3
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~~Ode to Goddess
Full Summer Faeling~~
** Leo Rising // Sun in Cancer // Gemini Moon // Mercury-Venus-Mars in Leo **

"Those who shun the whimsy of things will experience rigor mortis before death.”

an ania

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For all the incredible rainbow &amp; rainbow patch sychronicities the past couple years, I can’t recall everrr before seeing these rainbow rings around the sun. And yet, the past 2 months I’ve seen them several times, saw a fifth one today. The intensity of the ring kinda fades in n out, and this photo does not do proper rainbowdom justice. 
Look up, check often to see what the sky has to say ☆☆
René Descartes How Primary and Secondary Rainbows are Formed
Yes, I do enjoy walking at night. The world’s more to my liking then, not so loud, not so fast, not so crowded, and a good deal more mysterious.
-Cornelia Funke (via wanduring)

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Not only TOMS, but also Starbucks and even Lockheed Martin and Wal-Mart have learned that linking their products to charitable causes makes for good business. We no longer buy only what we need, or even what broadcasts our identity. We buy what makes us feel like good people, and what makes us feel like members of a good, global community. The easy way to look at TOMS is to praise their charitable work. The harder, more troubling way to look at TOMS is to acknowledge it as an example of how corporations have assumed work most often associated with self-identified religious organizations: building community, engaging in charity, and cultivating morals.

TOMS is not alone in its willingness to link progressive social action with consumer spending. In fact, it exemplifies a broader corporate embrace of “conscious capitalism.” Coined by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, this business model assumes that “the best way to maximize profits over the long-term” is to orient business toward a “higher purpose.” So Starbucks sells coffee to “Put America Back to Work,” the (RED) campaign raises money to fight AIDS, and—in the best example yet—Sir Richard’s Condom Company sends a condom to Haiti for each one it sells (“doing good never felt better”). Meanwhile, Bank of America logos decorate PRIDE banners and Lockheed Martin brags that it is a “champion of diversity.”

The globalization of neoliberal capitalism, and particularly the popularity of “conscious capitalism” as a practice and a discourse, signals a change in the landscape of U.S. religion and politics. “Neoliberalism” most often refers to a loosely cohering set of economic, social, and political policies that (1) seek to secure human flourishing through the imposition of free markets and (2) locate “freedom” in individual autonomy, expressed through consumer choice. But it is also a mode of belonging, where ritual acts of consumption initiate individuals into a global community of consumer agents. Within neoliberal logics of religious and political action, consumer transactions and corporate expansion are recast as forms of spiritual purification and missionary practice. And within conscious capitalism, the “higher purpose” is a world in which all people have a chance (or obligation) to participate in free markets—understood as a multicultural community of consumers.

For Mycoskie—whose title is “Chief Shoe Giver”—building this multicultural community is a theological mandate. He frames his Christian faith as a component of his personal relationship to the company. At the evangelical Global Leadership Conference, keynote speaker Mycoskie answered a question about whether TOMS represents any “biblical principles”: “TOMS represents a lot of different biblical principles. But the one I go back to again and again is the one in Proverbs. Give your first fruits and your vats will be full. … Because we did that and stayed true to our one-to-one model [even amidst financial strain], we’ve been incredibly blessed. We really did give our first fruits.”

In non-confessional settings, TOMS proffers a humanistic version of this prosperity gospel, recast for a neoliberal age. Losing the Bible quotes, the company emphasizes that the “fruits of faith”—in this case, economic success—abound for those who embody the ideals of authenticity, good intentions, and service. Or, “higher purpose” is profitable. TOMS is successful because it creates opportunities for people to live into their own “purpose” through a simple transaction: buying a pair of shoes.

-TOMS Shoes and the Spiritual Politics of Neoliberalism  (via lunagemme)

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Suffering from severe cat deprivation, mrawwww.

The Boy Scouts of Night Vale have announced some slight changes to their hierarchy, which will now be the following:

Cub Scout
Boy Scout
Eagle Scout
Blood Pact Scout
Weird Scout
Dreadnought Scout
Dark Scout
Fear Scout
Eternal Scout.

As always, signup is automatic and random, so please keep an eye out for the scarlet envelope that will let you know your son has been chose for the process.

1001 Nights by Yoshitaka Amano

the Trees are awfully loud tonight—

"People… no longer believe in the dark and beautiful powers of the earth. It is pitiful…

"He continued. ‘We live and flourish only because people believe in us. But nowadays there is no belief. And the substance of our living, the food which nourished us, was music and dancing. [<b>True</b> Music and Dancing] These things too are dying.’

'Listen,' he said, 'I admit the fairies have done some shameful things in their time; and will again, if they return into their own. But it wasn't because of any evil in their hearts. It was because of stark necessity. They needed music and dancing, and all the leaping joy of life in order to flourish, and sometimes they adopted horrible means to fain their ends.

For example, they would kill innocent children and use their tiny graceful bodies to dance in at the parish festival. And into their knowes they would lure home-going fiddlers, to make music for them eternally, though their families mourned for them as dead, and went with hungry mouths for a long time. Creatures who thrived on the swirl of Play and Beauty- at any cost.’

'Music! he said, 'and dancing! The whole world of Nature moves to the stately measures of the wind and the waves Have you heard the great year-long symphonies that the breakers thunder out on Skaill Bay? Have you seen the high graceful dancing of the Aurora as she swishes her long skirts? Have you seen the wind on the cornfields, how it sweeps them to a dance of brighter and darker gold, and how the field laughs lyrically as it dances?'

  Such extravagant talk would have been out of place in a human being, but it sounded natural enough out of the trow’s mouth. He was jerking his arms excitedly in the air, and his feet beat out a tattoo on the mat. 

'And what are we?' he demanded. 'We, the trows and the faeries? What are we but the embodied spirits of Nature, who reflect faithfully her moods, who can be either kind, or cruel, or ridiculous- but not so kind or cruel or so ridiculous as men. For they are clumsy and graceless in their actions, but we perform to an eternal background of music and dancing.'  ”

—found this from a printed random page, an excerpt of I’m not sure what. bay of skaill’s in scotland but otherwise, hmm——

This summer, put your phone away for a few days. Make some memories that no-one knows about. Make some memories that are just yours.


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For REAL though, when was the last time you went for a few days- nay even a whole day- without the addictive smartphone technoscreens touching your gaze? Is ever so necessary from time to time

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Couture Outfit “The Crown Princess”

oh wow



sleeping with the windows open

Over the past week or so I have finally been able to open the windows in my apartment. I leave every window I can open day and night if the temperature is above 60 degrees. I like to feel like part of the air. The breeze comes through and ruffles…

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